assimilation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
assimilation meaning in tamil is தன்மயமாதல், ஒருமைப்படுத்தல்

assimilation meaning in tamil with example

assimilation tamil meaning and more example for assimilation will be given in tamil.
The group performed Behula Katha The Story of Behula which explains the assimilation of preAryan religious beliefs into the predominant Aryan culture. Joseph countered the setback by engineering a minor coup in the form of assimilation of the Indian Federal Democratic party IFDP led by P.C. Thomas MP. As a writer she should have known that internalisation should lead to assimilation and synthesis not repetition. forced assimilation A. Integration provides for the coexistence of minority cultures with the majority culture assimilation requires the absorption of minority cultures into the majority culture. The aim of assimilation is a monocultural even a monofaith society the aim of integration is a multicultural pluralist society. It was only last year that the authorities started drawing up a programme to ensure noncompact settlement of immigrants and facilitate their cultural assimilation by offering them training in the Russian language history and culture. During the 12th Century to 18th Century Delhi remained the hub of experiments and assimilation of traditional and Islamic building concepts and conventions. Dalit assimilation According to Mr. Even when one assumes a certain kind of integration into the middleclass Nissar painfullypointedly exposes you through episodes where a total assimilation is easier said than achieved.