assess meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
assess meaning in tamil is மதிப்பிடு

assess meaning in tamil with example

assess tamil meaning and more example for assess will be given in tamil.
We have to assess the varied infrastructure requirements of our trade and industry especially of the growing IT and BT information technology and biotechnology sectors and work ceaselessly to meet our needs. But if you stand back from the past few months and assess the whole year something more optimistic becomes clear the politics of global inequality has come of age. Revenue Department officials did not visit the western part of Velvarkottai village and refused to assess the damage even after one month alleged P. Malarvizhi interacted with the villagers and asked the officials to assess the damage and disburse relief immediately. For the Tamil it may be useful to test the waters now to assess whether Tamil Nadu will be hospitable if a need arises to source some of its requirements from here or even to launch a propaganda to centrestage the Tamils issue projecting itself as the only hope and saviour. Every year when the experts from the Council of Architecture arrive to examine and assess the facilities of the college they also examine the documents pertaining to the performance of the students and also interview the students. BJP State unit President Jagadish Shettar on Friday convened a meeting of BJP officebearers to assess the performance of the party in the panchayat elections and to explore the possibilities of it coming to power in panchayats with the support of other parties or independents. TIRUCHI The Government should do away with the Tamil Nadu Professional Courses Entrance Examinations TNPCEE as PlusII marks was a good enough index to assess the merit of candidates former ViceChancellor of Bharathidasan University P. S.