assault meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
assault meaning in tamil is கடுமையாக தாக்கு, முரட்டுத்தனமாக தாக்கு, திடீர் தாக்குதல்

assault meaning in tamil with example

assault tamil meaning and more example for assault will be given in tamil.
Sakleshpur incident On the assault on a police constable at Sakleshpur allegedly by AlurSakleshpur MLA H.M. Vishwanaths brother recently Mr. Singh said ballistic experts opined that all 42 bullets recovered from the IISc campus were fired from the AK56 assault rifle which was found on the scene. It is alleged that on the way the duo overpowered her and took turns to criminally assault her in the car driven by Vikram. The police also added provisions of criminal assault in the case after it came to light that the accused had established physical relationship with the minor. They continue to be armed with the antique .303 rifles and it would be difficult for them to counter terrorists possessing sophisticated weapons such as AK56 assault rifles the sources said. The third accused involved in the criminal assault on a married woman in a moving Maruti 800 car at Narela in NorthWest Delhi on Saturday is still at large. It now appears that the allegations of criminal assault levelled by a 28yearold woman at Nand Nagri in NorthEast Delhi against an East Delhi resident could have been a motivated one and a property dispute could be behind the entire episode. He cited a recent incident of assault on a group of girls from West Bengal by intruders in a private lodge to buttress his claim. 151 Special Correspondent Tension at palace as police assault tourist NAGERCOI. At least four personnel posted with the Crime Branch of the Delhi police have been placed under suspension and an inquiry initiated against them following a complaint that they had threatened the attendants of a wine shop at Gole Market in the Capital with their service assault rifles.