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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aspects meaning in tamil is தோற்றம், பார்வை, நிலை

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Prakash appreciated the way beach festival was organised where fishermen pooled in their resources and put their traditional cuisine hard work courage and other social aspects in a tourism frame. Creating confusion While the thrust of the debate is conservation of the market the MCC is perceived to be creating confusion by mixing heritage aspects with nonpayment of rent by tenants. Complex case As for the practical or technical aspects of this extremely complex case there are several disquieting factors that emerge. The Supreme Court Monitoring Committee on Hazardous Waste which meets on January 6 should look into all these disquieting aspects to prevent India from becoming an international garbage dump. The paper 151 on which responses have been sought by the monthend before TRAI formulates a policy document for the Governments perusal 151 focuses on the need to bring about convergence in all aspects of regulation of the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. We will look into all aspects concerning these schemes and may take some action if required a top TRAI official told PTI adding TRAI would come out with its decision within a day or two. Though the city was suitable in all aspects and the screening committee favouring its location here they regretted that the Government had decided otherwise. We simulate the proceedings how a judge conducts an inquiry examination or cross examination because these are practical aspects of law they should know the Vice Chancellor said.