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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
askew meaning in tamil is ஒருச்சாய்ந்து

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Tieup with ryots John Askew of the Iowa Soybean Association and Craig A. Pietersen began as soon as the early morning drizzle was cleared away on 30 and by lunch he had driven his own score to 65 and Englands from 138 for three to 169 for four as Matthew Hoggard ended a strokeless stint as night watchman when Chaminda Vaas knocked his stumps askew at 169. Her 36run partnership with debutant Lynsey Askew for the eighth wicket saved the total from turning into a doubledigit disaster. England bowling RainfordBrent 20160 Askew 101552 Gunn 70490 Guha 60351 Newton 101412 Colvin 100373 B. England bowling Gunn 104241 Askew 82382 Morgan 100510 Guha 7.21272 Newton 40270 Colvin 102503.