asia meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
asia meaning in tamil is ஆசியா

asia meaning in tamil with example

asia tamil meaning and more example for asia will be given in tamil.
Aziz said Pakistan had asked the World Bank to prepare a plan covering health education and recreational facilities and road links to Central Asia and China for the promotion of tourism. Northern Areas is the gateway to China and Central Asia and through the historic silk route provides access for trade energy and travel. With a window on Asia as well as the Arab world there are plays from China Japan South Korea Iran Lebanon as well as Bangladesh Nepal and Pakistan. India has also responded to the demands of Bangladesh with a special Tariff Rate Quota regime to provide limited access to the textiles sector which comes under the sensitive list. With all this Indias trade with the rest of South Asia is a mere 5 billion. At a time when Indias trade with South East Asia has risen to 15 billion such a low volume of transactions within South Asia reflects poorly on the state of SAARC. But the three more developed countries have also the responsibility to compensate the less developed ones in South Asia for the loss in revenue they will suffer on account of tariff reductions. Murthy referred to the inadequate infrastructure in India and quoted from a survey that gave the country the 39th position in Asia in terms of network readiness index. The NRIs in West Asia were very concerned over his compulsion to retain the users fee at Nedumabassery airport Mr. Essentially the deal will see all development and custom manufacturing services of RPS that cater to innovator and emerging pharmaceutical clients in the U.S Europe and Asia come under the Shasun fold.