ashamed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ashamed meaning in tamil is அவமானப் படுதல்

ashamed meaning in tamil with example

ashamed tamil meaning and more example for ashamed will be given in tamil.
Somnath Chatterjee statement that he was ashamed to be presiding over the House was a reflection of the sorry state of affairs. Referring to the suicides by the farmers and weavers in the region she said the Congress leaders should feel ashamed to hold plenary in Andhra Pradesh without delivering the promises. Buta Singh hardly appears to be ashamed of the Supreme Courts severe criticism of his recommendation to dissolve the Bihar Assembly. For when he saw the past present and future clearly revealed in this form Arjuna was ashamed of his doubts regarding the outcome of the war which only exposed his lack of confidence in Lord Krishna who was on their side. Dont you feel ashamed that coming from a City which produced so many Olympians in the past it is our minimum obligation to take corrective measures to revive the sport in a big way he asked. There is nothing to be ashamed of and people must come out to report the case so that they can be treated he added. While Rakku of Othakadai wanted to kill her mentally retarded son many others felt ashamed of their mentally retarded children for their neighbours believed that they had done injustice in their previous birth. I am also ashamed that the Government is extending a red carpet welcome to the perpetrator of crimes against humanity. Speaking to reporters here on Friday he said The Congress Government should be ashamed that it could not conduct a fair election in a constituency that has no history of factional politics or any law and order problem.