ash meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ash meaning in tamil is சாம்பல்

ash meaning in tamil with example

ash tamil meaning and more example for ash will be given in tamil.
Halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn around as it is believed that this increases the fertility of the soil. The halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn in the paddy fields to increase the fertility of the soil. GHCL a soda ash producer on Friday said it had ramped up the production capacity of its Romanian plant and had started implementing cost reduction measures in input costs of raw materials and utilities. The company is making every effort to turn around the Romanian soda ash business by optimising operations to increase production capacities modernisation of plant and improvement of price points within identified market segments GHCL informed the BSE. Being offered in vibrant colours including ruby red Indian blue aubergine mauve ash grey saffron fuchsia magenta kiln brown Jattinn claims that this very chic range was greatly appreciated in which he used images of a maharaja of the princely State of Rajasthan. Thermal power plants were asked to improve their electro static precipitator to control particulate matter emission for achieving cent per cent fly ash collection and distribute it among brick manufacturers and cement units officials said. It was only when he wanted to give sacred ash to the boy before eating that they had to perforce disclose the truth. Under scheduleB the project proponent shall implement all mitigative measures indicated in the environment management plan submitted to the board and explore possibility of using ash for layingwidening the road.