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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ascribe meaning in tamil is காரணம் குறி) காட்டு, சாட்டு

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Highlyplaced sources ascribe this to the noncooperation of the members of the gang which once terrorised Bangaloreans. Fire department officials ascribe the lapses to the then existing norms of the Andhra Pradesh Cinemas Regulation Rules 1970. The Government is trying to legalise concealment of some of its members questionable actions from the very citizens who voted it to office choosing to ascribe higher value to the protection of establishment interests. Taking one by surprise he made it clear that he became a hero by chance and did not ascribe it to any special efforts adding that he would continue to be a comedian in future. Rima Hooja archaeologist and author of the latest history book on Rajasthan said of late villagers tended to ascribe any damage found temples in their areas to the invasion of Mughals.