ascetic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ascetic meaning in tamil is சாமியார்

ascetic meaning in tamil with example

ascetic tamil meaning and more example for ascetic will be given in tamil.
Shandilyan who has no real interest in the ascetic way of life is distracted by the presence of the courtesan and her maid. Though moving among all sorts of objects an ascetic should not get particularly attached to them anymore than air which flows freely. To Yudhishthiras surprise Arjuna donned the garb of an ascetic and proceeded with the mission of obtaining the missile from Siva with total resolve. When Arjuna reached the mountain peak Indrakila to perform penance Indra came in the guise of an old ascetic to test his determination. A man with a bulls neck and a freakishly low resting pulse rate a champion with an ascetic lifestyle who can control a car with astonishing precision at the very edge 37yearold Schumi is indisputably among the greatest drivers the sport has seen. He lived like a wandering ascetic totally oblivious to the world that even his father who was a Vedic scholar did not recognise his spiritual stature. One must fulfil ones responsibility through honest hard work rather than becoming an ascetic to be burden on others.