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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ascendancy meaning in tamil is ஆட்சி, உச்சம்

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If all this portends an unfathomable mess one thing at least is already clear Iran will be the main beneficiary of U.S. failure and the longoverdue accession of the Shia majority its coreligionists to political ascendancy in Iraq. His ascendancy breaks an Australian stranglehold on the top of the table which had seen the World Champion holding the top four places after the recent VB series. Matthew Hoggard was such a massive influence and really for a team missing four of its Ashes heroes Englands ascendancy was nothing less than astonishing. Ahmadinejads ascendancy to the backing of clerical hardliners as well as the Revolutionary Guards and basij militia. Subramanyam Reddys ascendancy to the ZP chiefs post would be hard to digest for the Congress Chief Whip N. But others such as Arun Jaitley pointed out that any election was normally seized by political parties as an opportunity to showcase their ascendancy and that the BSPs shying away was a pointer that it was not on as firm a ground as it claimed. For the Janata Dal S the byelection is an opportunity to finish the ascendancy of Siddaramaiah who rebelled against his former political aide Mr. Macromolecular crystallography research such as that involving large molecules like proteins was gaining ascendancy as it also had an industry component Krishan Lal president ICA said. This lack of cohesion among noncommunal parties has resulted in the past in the ascendancy of the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies at the Centre. In recent times both cultural homogenisation as well as privileging the invented monoculture of the past gained ascendancy in the realm of higher education.