anything meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anything meaning in tamil is எதாவது

anything meaning in tamil with example

anything tamil meaning and more example for anything will be given in tamil.
Even the stockiest player in the event Bhakti Kulkarni could not do anything special and Railways was leading 87 at the break. The ViceChairman of DDA Dinesh Rai said though on the face of it the Authority has not found anything wrong with the design efforts were being made to find a solution amicably since CRRI has made objections to both the initial and the revised design. Fire safety norms and the National Building Code are likely to get their due in building regulations if discussions in higher echelons of the Government are anything to go by. I dont want to save anything from my first salary I want to give them everything. She has a companion in Kavitha whose plans echo a similar goal This year I want to work hard get a good job and want to make my parents happy. Get organised. I would keep him there let him do as he likes Churchill wrote even as his Cabinet colleagues warned that if anything happened to the Mahatma while in custody it could have serious consequences. It is only after an elaborate process of receipt and scrutiny of data from all rainfall stations that the department will be able to say anything conclusive. Shopkeepers on Ritchie Street the citys one stop shopping bazaar for computer geeks say either way it will be hard to resist spending anything between Rs.3 000 to Rs.8 000 on storage options. In all his four years of life if there is anything this puny kid had perhaps learnt quite well is the harsh reality that the monthly puncture on his wrist would only energise him to play for the next two weeks.