anxiety meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anxiety meaning in tamil is கவலை

anxiety meaning in tamil with example

anxiety tamil meaning and more example for anxiety will be given in tamil.
With big recruiters from the corporate sector having completed nearly 80 per cent of the campus recruitments the anxiety of yettobeplaced final year engineering students is mounting. The decision to change the question paper pattern for PlusTwo announced after the half yearly examinations added to the anxiety of parents and students. But there was suspicion that it might do so and hence the anxiety over its decision to break the seals on a nuclear site near Nantanz. A selfgoal by Satish of Bolarum who in his anxiety to clear the ball to safety kicked the ball into the goal. Anilkumar in a statement here said that there is no reason for any anxiety and suspicion about the Sri Lankan President and his wifes visit and darshan at Guruvayur. Mr. Indira Bhavan the proposed new headquarters of the APCC which will shift from the adjoining premises in Gandhi Bhavan has become the source of anxiety for residents of the nearby slum Bhim Rao basti. By being more selfconfident you can deal with any fear... even Sachin Tendulkar may feel some anxiety while stepping out to bat but he overcomes it Im sure he remarks. This has created anxiety among the officebearers of Sri Digambara Jain Math Committee SDJMC as they fear that the political uncertainty might affect the progress of development works taken up in this pilgrim town and the schedule of dignitaries visiting the celebrations. Poor health increased anxiety and a decline in interpersonal relationships in the family were some of the fallouts of the technological boom researchers said.