anticipation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anticipation meaning in tamil is எதிர்பார்த்தல்

anticipation meaning in tamil with example

anticipation tamil meaning and more example for anticipation will be given in tamil.
As the official vehicle entered the ground the childrens faces lit up in anticipation of the arrival of their favourite stars. Javare Gowda who had threatened to return the Padma Shri if the Centre did not accord classical language status to Kannada by January 1 2006 said he decided against the move in anticipation of a positive reply from Dr. In anticipation that the Model Code of Conduct for the Assembly election could well come into force by March the preparation of the Bill has been expedited. The Mohammedan Sporting defence showed poor anticipation and paid dearly for not keeping Martins under check. While TDP workers were mobilised in anticipation of their leaders arrival at Jangaon Congress leaders put up impressive banners and arches greeting Mr. A Sunday crowd packed the stadium more in anticipation of the doubles final that featured Sania Mirza. Tight security As a prelude to the blasting a big contingent of the Andhra Pradesh Special Police deployed to handle the antidemolition protest took position close to the pond since morning in anticipation of trouble. The police heaved a sigh of relief as Friday prayers at Mecca Masjid here passed off peacefully amidst anticipation that there could be a continuation of last Fridays protest against inflammatory cartoons published by a Danish newspaper. Thus some multinational companies developed a drug against the virus in anticipation of an outbreak of an epidemic. When the fair closed at about 5.30 p.m. anticipation was still much in the air the hope that opportunities might come calling again tomorrow.