anterior meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anterior meaning in tamil is முந்திய, முன்புள்ள

anterior meaning in tamil with example

anterior tamil meaning and more example for anterior will be given in tamil.
Bickerstaff also helped Jones in his recovery after he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the first Test at Brisbane on Englands last Ashes tour in 200203. The 59yearold mountaineer whose conquests include scaling the Mount Everest and peaks in Colorado Ecuador and Peru is now recuperating at the Venkataseshwara Hospital after an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction operation and an arthroscopic surgery for a torn tendon in his left shoulder. The appeal also pointed out that the Single Judges order which traced the antecedents of a project to an anterior date and allowing the execution of the project on the eve of election would defeat the purpose behind the model code of conduct. It circulates into the anterior chamber and exits the eye through a microporous filtering apparatus called trabecular meshwork located in between the angle formed by cornea and sclera and drains into the blood stream through aqueous veins. The opposite parties OPs in their counter said that the case of the patient was diagnosed as SVDLAD severe single vessel diseaseleft anterior descending artery. She was a known patient with hypertension and her CT scan of head revealed severe subaracnoid bleed brain haemorrhage and subsequently the neuro interventionist at Seven Hills Hospitals Randhir Kumar did brain angiography that revealed distal anterior cerebral aneurysm. Usha 49 of Chennai suffered from corneal abrasion iridodialysis tear of the iris from its root hyphaema bleeding in the anterior chamber of the eye and cataractous subluxated lens.