antenna meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
antenna meaning in tamil is ஓர்தல்/ஓர்த்தல்

antenna meaning in tamil with example

antenna tamil meaning and more example for antenna will be given in tamil.
The small antenna being used for receiving Direct to Home telecast may not be able to receive the signals from Edusat according to him. Biju Das 28 a resident of Koovalsseri in Aruvippuram was electrocuted on Saturday evening while connecting the antenna of the television. P.H. Rao senior scientist Antenna Designs and Electro magnetics SAMEER inaugurated the conference. What is more Tata Sky will offer a financial package for purchase of hardware though from cost considerations consumers are known to look at the recurring payment more than the onetime investment in hardware like antenna and the settop box. Besides apartment blocks which are booming in the wake of the expansion of the upper middle class and the real estate sector are likely to be offered the facility of installing a common antenna to avoid marring of the skyline by numerous individual antennas. The complex features a Comprehensive Assembly and Test Vacuum Chamber and a Compact Antenna Test Facility. From products like manually operated antenna holder and novel membrane technology developed to overcome the fluoridation of water there will be much to look forward to. An enterprising tribal installed a dish antenna and wired up the entire village bringing it the soap operas. A one km wide antenna on the earth which would transfer power into hightension lines would trap the solar energy from satellites. Building such huge antenna was possible though the biggest antenna India had built so far had a diameter of 14 metres.