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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
antagonism meaning in tamil is எதிர்ப்பு, விரோதம், பகை

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One is a sectarianism chiefly Sunni versus Shia or ethnic antagonism chiefly Kurd versus Arab Turk and Iranian as malevolent in its new pluralist form as it was in its more familiar despotic one. Kims films had always been sources of controversy especially his portrayal of women inviting the antagonism of feminist critics. Rajendra Prasad has cautioned that there could be no question of any antagonism or inherent opposition among the various regional languages of the country. But he has his own doubts over whether the Marathi leadership will reciprocate in a positive manner or continue to tread the path of antagonism that has alienated the Marathispeaking people in the State from the mainstream. A measure of the antagonism was that Deco was sent off having first received a yellow card for lunging at substitute John Heitinga. A residual antagonism may remain at the selfawarded emoluments of fat cats but in general antagonism between rich and poor has been allayed by a shared commitment to the creation of wealth in which the poor become pensioners of opulence and not its enemies. He has consistently turned on the party that he led often displaying antagonism bordering on contempt. It shows that Indian and Pakistani intelligence agencies despite their stated antagonism to each other have cooperated in the past. While such similarity should facilitate cooperation the antagonism nurtured over the past six decades remains a hindrance. What these arguments mask is a deeprooted antagonism to women taking their legitimate place in electoral politics.