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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
annuity meaning in tamil is வருடந்தோறும் ஒருவருக்கு கொடுக்கப்படும் தொகை மாணியம் ஆண்டுச் சந்தா

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For purposes of this Ordinance capital redemption business and annuity and certain businesses which are akin to it are deemed to be life insurance business. C622 four laning of SalemCoimbatore Section of NH47 from K.M. 1.60 to K.M. 53 Package 1 on annuity basis titled proposed interchange at Kondalampatti pending disposal of the writ petition. The matter has been posted after two weeks for filing of counters. Muneer said the Governments liability for the BOT annuity scheme amounted to Rs.532.47 crores over a 15year period. Ceiling in respect of another avenue for savings by way of contribution to annuity policy approved in this behalf under Sec. Under the new Jeevan Akshay series the policyholder can invest in one lumpsum and annuity payments will be made at regular intervals at the choice of the policyholder. In the Jeevan Akshay IV plan the amount of annuity shall be assured throughout the period for which it is payable. Annuity for Jeevan Akshay IV can be paid in yearly halfyearly quarterly or monthly instalments subject to a minimum annuity of Rs. Standard age proof will be required under all annuity options except the option annuity with return of purchase price. No loan will be given by the LIC to policyholders under this plan. Having launched several new products in life insurance pension and annuity during its golden jubilee year LIC is now working on a micro insurance product meant for the rural poor. The Board would have received only 12.5 per cent interest if it had put the Rs.217 crores received by way of annuity deposits with banks.