annually meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
annually meaning in tamil is வருடா வருடம் ஆண்டுதோறும்

annually meaning in tamil with example

annually tamil meaning and more example for annually will be given in tamil.
Aziz said the energy needs were growing by 810 per cent annually and energy security was critical to maintain growth and competitiveness. Venugopal said the district received nearly 700 mm of rain annually and the pipes of rainwater harvesting system will be connected to the village drinking water supply schemes that will ensure storage of water in tanks. Stating that thrust be given for industry and infrastructure development the report said that at least 1.5 lakh jobs can be created annually in new industrial units and development of industrial parks by attracting private and foreign direct investment. The Health Department is already buying antirabies vaccine estimated at Rs.5 crores annually and the demand has been increasing every year. The centres will get Rs.25 a student annually as allowance for maintenance of computers and Rs.300 for preparation of laboratories. The contest was part of the string of events conducted annually to provide a platform for the students to bring out their innate talent in extra curricular activities. Indias first multiplefeed biodiesel plant with a capacity to produce ten million litres annually will shortly be set up in Mysore under an IndoU.S. venture. 4 crores annually as salary to the teachers and other employees who have been rendered surplus in the past few years Mr. 25 crores annually on electricity for bringing water from Jaisamand to Udaipur which would be reduced to about Rs. If this was done the electricity charges could be reduced and annually the municipal administration save Rs one crore.