annihilation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
annihilation meaning in tamil is முழு அழிவு

annihilation meaning in tamil with example

annihilation tamil meaning and more example for annihilation will be given in tamil.
Out of His Sankalpa no sooner was He born with His divine form than He began to make the first moves for achieving the purpose of His incarnation namely annihilation of the evil forces such as Kamsa. A crushing attack from the kingside followed from Fedorov and Sriram reeling under the onslaught continued optimistically until the annihilation was complete. Our commitment to building a more inclusive society must harmonise with Lord Buddhas message of a just society. On Lord Buddhas concept of nirvana which did not mean the extinction of life but the end of the state of suffering and annihilation of false desires Dr. Renaming Cheralam After the brutal annihilation of the Buddhist culture by the Aryans Cheralam was christened Keralam Dr. The ground reality is that IT known for its singular property namely annihilation of distance and time has become increasingly fast reliable simple small in size and inexpensive over the last few decades. Mr.Alphonse also wanted the birth anniversary of Ambedkar declared as Caste annihilation day. Karunanidhi praised He showered praise on Mr. Inaugurating the dharna RSS leader K.C.Kannan alleged that the annihilation of opponents has always been the policy of the Communist parties and the situation was no different in Kerala and West Bengal. Dresden GERMANY Germanys Jews on Thursday celebrated a remarkable stage in the slow and often painful recovery of the community that faced annihilation in the Holocaust 151 the first ordination of rabbis on German soil since the Second World War.