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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
animals meaning in tamil is விளங்குகள், மிருகங்கள்

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He complained that the veterinary doctors of Erode District Milk Producers Cooperative Union were are not treating the milch animals owned by the farmer members of Milk Producers Cooperative Societies. These figures were arrived at through the dubious pugmark count and it is significant that the number of herbivore animals such as spotted deer and sambar did not increase proportionately to support tigers and leopards whose numbers were said to have registered a steady increase. While the party animals hung around the hotels and the beachside some stayed back home for a quite cosy evening with their near and dear ones. Having never really left behind the little boy who would pick up helpless animals and birds from where ever he found them Vivek confesses that it was his cousin Venu who sowed the seeds of love for the environment in him. I believe Venus intense love for animals and sensitivity towards their plight became my dream which fortunately also later became a profession for me says Vivek. Elephants are large animals and with space for them shrinking mananimal conflicts are on the rise and it is essential that we work out ways to accommodate these animals. A couple of days ago two cows died and two others fell ill as these animals had water from a quarry where Endosulfan containers and spraying pumps were washed. Largest travelling circus At one stage it was even hailed as the largest travelling circus with a variety of performing animals among its attractions. The international community is convinced that such slaughter of large cetaceans has contributed little to the available knowledge on these animals and is almost entirely devoted to feeding the meat industry.