angry meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
angry meaning in tamil is கோபமடை, கோபமாக

angry meaning in tamil with example

angry tamil meaning and more example for angry will be given in tamil.
A group of angry consumers raided an outlet of Shakti Gas at Ashokanagar in protest against the latters failure to ensure supply of refills in time. Staffs contention The staff of the agency closed doors and remained inside their office due to their inability to face the angry mob. Now he has to battle with residents who are determined to convert his twoground plot into a dumping ground pigs and dogs that have made the thorninfested land their home and angry neighbours threatening to take him to court over the bad smell emanating from his land. As the nightlong curfew was lifted in the morning thousands of angry tribals blocked the DaitariParadip Express Highway near Gobarghati with four bodies demanding action against the District Collector and Superintendent of Police. If suppose Richard Attenborough or Steven Spielberg decided to make a film in Hindi would they put them under the best debut category said an angry Mr. The Minister who presided over a review meeting at the Golden Jubilee Hall here on Friday was angry over delay in execution of works proposed by her. 5 4 Angry outburst reveals frame of mind 6 6 Author English in clerical garb 9 7 Growing fruit. Peacekeepers fired tear gas grenades to keep back hundreds of angry young men outside U.N. headquarters in Abidjan the countrys main city. Moreover people are also angry with the MCD for its failure to penalise the powerful builder lobby that is one of the main culprits behind largescale unauthorised constructions. The accused was having a livein relationship with the woman and was apparently angry with her because she was having affairs with other men.On January 20 the police had received a call claiming that foul smell was emanating from a rented accommodation at DDA Market in Nand Nagri.