anger meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anger meaning in tamil is கோபம், ஆத்திரம்

anger meaning in tamil with example

anger tamil meaning and more example for anger will be given in tamil.
Fit of anger Ratnababu told police that in a fit of anger he slapped her wife. The move was sure to anger Washington and the European Union which fear the Islamic state wants to make atomic fuel to build bombs. The immediate cause of the rioting was the accidental death by electrocution of two teenagers fleeing police checks combined with anger over tasteless remarks by Mr. It was an entire generation of youngsters shouting out its anger and despair at the stepmotherly treatment at the hands of the Republic. She also denied that the Yatra was a result of her anger over not being made the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. In a rare display of anger Pakistan Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the U.S. Ambassador to the country Ryan C. The main reason for the electoral debacle of the National Democratic Alliance NDA led by the Bharatiya Janata Party is the anger shown by peasantry in the country. But the determination in ensuring fire safety aspects was never sustained and the official machinery seems to wake up only when there is a tragedy resulting in public anger and fury. Although Workers party propaganda still adorns many of Prestes Maias plaster walls anger is growing that the shoeshine President has not done more to help the countrys poor. During Thursdays match a comment from the crowd seemed to anger HeninHardenne in the fifth game of the third set with the Belgian serving and when Sharapova won the second point to lead 030. The reports would consist of a detailed masterplan for rebuilding quakeproof houses. There is anger against the politicians and the officials.