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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ancient meaning in tamil is தொன்மையான, பண்டைய

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Vajpayee belonged to the Hindi heartland it did not hurt that he was a Brahmin an asset that remains mysteriously useful in this ancient land. Kalam said The deep historical and cultural association that our two ancient civilisations share has made rich contributions in shaping the development of humanity and gives a unique dimension to IndiaChina relations in contemporary time. Stressing the need for evolving a system of notations for ancient Tamil epic poems and devotional songs perfected for classical music he called for using the Internet facility for its promotion. He said various asanas postures of yoga propounded by experts were only the latest additions to the yoga preached and propounded by yogis since ancient times and systemised by Maharishi Patanjali. Dharam Singh at a national seminar on Materials science and metallurgy in ancient Indian literature in Bangalore on Monday. Dharam Singh has added one more agenda to the grand celebration of Suvarna Karnataka the golden jubilee of the formation of the State he has promised help to research initiatives that celebrate the Karnataka of ancient times. Vasu said even the Arthashastra had several references to metallurgy and in fact ancient India which was known to have turned every kind of inquiry or quest for knowledge into a science or shastra is the only one to have the study of metallurgy in chemistry. Singh said had he known about the seminar and all the scholars and eminent people associated with the studies of ancient India he would have invited them to last months meeting with eminent people in all fields where the blueprint for the celebration of Suvarna Karnataka was drawn up.