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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ancestry meaning in tamil is வம்ச பரம்பரை

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ancestry tamil meaning and more example for ancestry will be given in tamil.
Now the representative of Bolivias farmers tin miners and coca growers of indigenous ancestry is to wear the presidential sash and seek their incorporation into political life. The Samakhya urged the Government to continue the ancestry of priests and appoint the eldest member of the family as trustee to the respective temple. The Syeds who link their ancestry to the family of the Prophet came together in a bid to reinforce their commitment to society and to members of their own community organising committee chairman Syed Hamza Bafakhi said. Women have two X chromosomes while men carry one X chromosome and one Y so only men can take the paternal ancestry test. Based in the UK he traces his ancestry to Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu his parents lived in Malaysia before migrating to Britain where he was born and brought up. Sooryakiran Bioinformatics a company functioning in the Industry Incubation Centre IIC of the University of Kerala has designed a software that can be used among other things to trace a persons matrilineal ancestry using the technique of mitochondrial DNA sequencing. Apart from its use in tracing the matrilineal ancestry the software can also be used to find out whether two animals share a common ancestry and also for mapping the family tree of plant varieties. Nair head of the Centre for Bioinformatics told The HolyIndia that for detecting common ancestry in people the software finds out common patterns in the sequences of their mitochondrial DNA. Managers who assume leadership positions in family concerns by virtue of their ancestry have their own advantages and disadvantages.