ancestors meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ancestors meaning in tamil is முன் தோன்றியவர், முற்பிதாக்கள்

ancestors meaning in tamil with example

ancestors tamil meaning and more example for ancestors will be given in tamil.
Sources said poets ancestors were said to have come from Arabia to India to sell perfumes like attar and first settled at Nagalapuram under Vilathikulm taluk in the district before moving to Ettayapuram near here where the poet was born in 1642. Mudsuden Singh Panesar known in England as Monty and looking as if he might be Harbhajan Singh bowling lefthanded will return to the land of his ancestors as the great turbaned hope for the Test series against India next month. The earliest of our ancestors had chosen the cave for dwelling to keep themselves safe from rain or shine and as civilisation progressed the cave gave way to igloo hut house bungalow palace flats and so on marking a gradual progress in architecture. Chengappa urged members of the society to make the Kodavas feel that they belong to Kodagu itself by saying that their ancestors did not migrate here from outside the country. The meedhi ritual where offerings are made to ancestors guru karona necessarily take place even to this day in the Ain Mane. This story comes in time for this years Sivaratri festival at Kotappakonda to remind people of patriotic values their ancestors had. It seems our ancestors used to bring Lord Ganesha to Pondicherry but the tradition was broken somewhere down the line. The 4.2millionyearold fossil discovered in northeastern Ethiopia helps scientists fill in the gaps of how human ancestors made the giant leap from one species to another. Values and objectives codified by our ancestors in the cause of music have been thrown to winds in the banner of Aadal Paadal programmes which he terms a sorry state of affair.