anarchy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
anarchy meaning in tamil is அராஜகம், குழப்பம்

anarchy meaning in tamil with example

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The recent insistence on collective leadership is a sure recipe for further anarchy and a war of all against all. There is total anarchy everywhere and development has come to a standstill. He maintained that his party was ready for Assembly elections in U.P. anytime. No one is too happy with the result but no one is too happy with the United Nations either but anarchy is the alternative. However the country slipped into anarchy with old warlords regaining power religious fundamentalism renewing its grip while the Empire sets its eyes on an oil pipeline says the filmmaker. Pavithrans singleminded pursuit of anarchy and blank negation of established and cliched aesthetic practices buttressed the maverick status he shared with John Abraham in Keralas cultural world. There was a subversive anarchy about the films Pavithran was involved in 151 be it Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol which he produced or Yaro Oraal or Kuttappan Sakshi he directed. Temples that spread peace and human values should not be turned into controversial subjects in these troubled times of anarchy and violence. Senior Congress leader B.D.Kalla charged that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad the Bajrang Dal the Hindu Jagran Manch and similar outfits were making use of the book as an excuse to create anarchy and vandalize churches and Christian institutions. RTC blamed The traffic police attribute the anarchy to failure of the RTC to discipline their drivers. They were an offence against order as if a wild animal had broken free and rude anarchy ruled the world.