analysis meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
analysis meaning in tamil is ஆராய்தல், பகுப்பாய்வு

analysis meaning in tamil with example

analysis tamil meaning and more example for analysis will be given in tamil.
Inaugurating the facility VSP Director marketing H.S. Chatwal advised the MIS team to focus on analysis of new trends in the international market. Tony Blairs Commission for Africa in March last year posited its analysis of a turnaround in Africa on the existence of a new generation of African governments. He also informed the court that reports of narco analysis and lie detector tests conducted on Salem in Bangalore were awaited. Siddiqa said at a lecture on Security perspectives from Pakistan. It was organised by the Centre for Security Analysis and the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies University of Madras here on Tuesday. Biometrical devices like iris scanners and retina finger printers used for keeping records through statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena especially based on the features of retina which are supposed to be unique for each individual would be introduced in the coming weeks. The ADB update provides an analysis of macroeconomic developments in the first threefive months of the fiscal 200506 along with the outlook for whole year. 5 is a brilliant analysis of the mindset of some of our Opposition leaders who crank up protests on the flimsiest of pretexts. In the past only the pug mark method was employed to count tigers while now track cameras DNA analysis of scat telemetry and digital photographs of pug marks would be used to support the method with scientific evidence and minimise human error. What the analysis does not take into account however is the fact that many incidents go unreported.