amplify meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
amplify meaning in tamil is விஸ்தரி, சத்தத்தை அதிகப் படுத்து

amplify meaning in tamil with example

amplify tamil meaning and more example for amplify will be given in tamil.
An expansion in India to enable more students to get access to quality education is more important than letting these institutes expand overseas to amplify their selfcongratulation. Secondly subsequent governments have allowed multiple channels of communication which amplify the existing policy dissonance in Delhi and create maximum confusion. The recommendations released here on Tuesday said lack of human power for primary healthcare was an area of concern and efforts would have to be made by the Planning Commission to amplify issues related to incentives for medical and paramedical people to take up community healthcare. In fact a public address system has been fitted in front of the TV room to amplify the audio signals from the TV set. Despite Anuradhas sincere attempts to amplify the crowds gusto with her vivacious chat all one could hear was subdued claps at the end of every song.