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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
amity meaning in tamil is நட்பு, சினேகம்

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The Chief Minister has also urged the people to uphold the States glorious tradition of unity amity and fraternity. According to the local residents Vasantha and Shanthi Raja it has been usual for them for the past many years to greet the people of all faiths through their kolams during the respective festivals marking their amity towards all religions. Yadav who is a founder member of the Mahatma Gandhi Global Amity Council is also heading a blood movement for peace to save Tibet. Violence was not a solution to any problem but amity and understanding would help overcome all problems he said. Shankar said and exhorted the youth to assist the police in maintaining peace and amity along with containing troubles. The second approach could be based on multipleidentities that people have such as State family city profession or organisations to foster amity and harmony among people. The institutions expected to participate include IIT Delhi NSIT Delhi Delhi College of Engineering National Law College Amity Business School Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Noida ITM Gurgaon and College of Vocational Studies Delhi. Delhi Public School Modern School Amity International and K.R. Mangalam School are participating in the festival. Mysore Amity Road Table 156 has constructed six classrooms in three villages in Adi Bettahalli Keta Halli and Santhemala in T.Narsipur taluk. Amity Humanity Foundation organised a seminar on empowering persons with disabilities at Amity Campus in neighbouring Noida over the weekend.