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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
amiable meaning in tamil is விரும்பத்தக்க, இனிய இயல்புடைய

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Amidst laughter and twinkling eyes the amiable men and women set out on an outing which apparently they havent had in many years. A majority of the bus crew of the Salem Division of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation and even a few private operators these students claim need to be sensitised about the traffic rules and amiable public disposition to the passengers and particularly with the students and children. Rajkumar was amiable and soon I was fortunate enough to become his close associate and family friend and went on to act in Oda Huttidavaru Dhruvatare Aakasmika and other movies with him. Dr. An amiable person but he could have been more effective as a Tourism minister in taking this vacation destination the Nilgiris to greater heights. That is the opinion of various sections which elected him. What England needed in the aftermath of the Ashes was somebody to focus minds and crack heads together but Flintoff is an amiable man and his style of captaincy reflected that England missed Vaughans ruthlessness he told The Mirror. Maybe we should create an amiable environment for the younger generation so that it does not become rude. Strong performances from Paul Giamatti as the complexs melancholy manager and Bryce Dallas Howard as the nymph and a plucky supporting cast of amiable weirdoes make the fantasy occasionally palatable but just barely. While musicians of his generation moved out of their villages to metros such as Delhi Mumbai and Chennai the amiable Ustad remained in Varanasi on the banks of the Ganga a stones throw from the beloved Sankat Mochan temple.