ameliorate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ameliorate meaning in tamil is சீராக்கு

ameliorate meaning in tamil with example

ameliorate tamil meaning and more example for ameliorate will be given in tamil.
A twoday national seminar on psychosocial oncology began here on Saturday with Jan Stjernsvard expert in cancer and palliative care stressing the need to improve facilities to ameliorate psychological sufferings of terminally ill patients in the country. Stating that special attention was shown to ameliorate the lot of Adi Dravidas Scheduled Tribes the aged physically challenged and exServicemen in the Union Territory he said the government staff should also come forward to serve with a public service mindset. Government was alive to the problems of the artisans and would do its best to ameliorate their condition. Over these years the V CanHelp Trust has helped ameliorate the suffering and financial strain on cancerafflicted people belonging to the lower economic strata. Ramesh said steps are being taken to ameliorate the problems and Moradabad which alone caters to about 60 per cent of total exports of art metal wares to the United States and United Kingdom would also benefit from these measures. He said all citizens of the county should accept the reservation policy formulated to ameliorate the socioeconomic plight of Dalits. Pawar mentioned several steps being taken by the Centre to ameliorate the crises including a massive expansion of rural credit and lifting of certain restrictions on the selling of crops. Swaminathan said the State Government would try to split the issue so that the damage to the bridge could be repaired even as the case goes on or would take appropriate measures to ameliorate the sufferings of the commuters.