ambivalence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ambivalence meaning in tamil is மாறுபட்ட மனப்பான்மை

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Abbas comments came following Israeli ambivalence on whether the nearly 200000 Palestinians living in Jerusalem would be allowed to cast their ballots. This ambivalence has naturally affected the enforcement machinery as well as societys perception of the role of custom on the one hand and law on the other. The Government appears unwilling to crack down on the practice and its ambivalence is echoed with equal lethargy at every level. The postmodern period relates to the later half of the 20th century with a state of ambivalence where there was no complete surrender to science or dogma. While explaining the absence of a joint statement Girija Prasad Koirala leader of the Nepali Congress spoke of international difficulties an apparent reference to the open hostility of the United States and the ambivalence of India to the Maoists. In fact the most striking trend in policymaking that can be observed across the 1990s and beyond is intense political competition leading to some ambivalence and occasional policy reversals by both major parties. Having allowed an ambivalence about the whole parental enterprise to poison her relationship with the boy even as an innocent baby this mother is an object lesson. Official ambivalence about the NREGA perhaps reflecting divided views on it within the Government seems to continue. In its own national interests India needs to give up any ambivalence on what needs to be done and get serious about the Tamil threat.