amazement meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
amazement meaning in tamil is பேராச்சரியம், திகைப்பு, திடுக்கடல்

amazement meaning in tamil with example

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Anybody trying to document the history of the working class in Kerala must have the detachment of a seer to look with empathy and a great sense of amazement the wonderful course that the trade union movement in Kerala has taken over the last nearly a century. K. Last week a correspondent for Der Spiegel the German current affairs magazine wrote of his amazement while watching Englands game with Paraguay in a London bar at the multicultural mix of whites blacks and Asians all cheering on David Beckham and his team. Raj Vaisoha expressed his amazement at Major Gopi Singhs ability to write such fine pieces of poetry in spite of his hard duty and punishing schedule as a soldier. The multifaceted attractiveness of the universe is always a source of amazement and wonder to all across all ages and places. Village women in Puducherry gaze with amazement at their pictures on the display screen of a digital camera.