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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
amateur meaning in tamil is கலையைப் பெழுழுமது போக்காகப் பயில்பவர், பயில்முறைக் கலைஞர்

amateur meaning in tamil with example

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It was a wonderful feeling to recall the proud moments of capturing on film the performance of Kalachakra rituals by the Dalai Lama in two small tents at Dharanikota in January 1985 remembers an amateur photographer. If naturalists and amateur ornithologists are to be believed there are over 100 resident species of birds in the Karanji Lake at any point of time. The footmarks were sighted by a team of amateur anthropologists at Cheenikkappara about 40 km from Palakkad. Mysore Amateur Naturalists MAN has invited members of the public to participate in the annual midwinter waterfowl census being held to enumerate the bird population. Body building The Coimbatore District Amateur Body Building Association and Jai Hanuman Gymnasium will jointly conduct the Mr. The event is being organised by the Orissa State Baseball Association ubder the aegis of the Amateur Baseball Federation of India. Talented amateur artistes from Mysore are set to enthral the audience in Bangalore at the Statelevel Street Play Festival to be staged from January 22 to January 29. unveiled in January last year only offered a chance to upload and view uncopyrighted videos free 151 creating a jungle of thousands of weird searchable amateur videos try party family or vacation to get the flavour. Sangeetha of Vellore an amateur stage singer and housewife who won the Airtel SaRee Ga Ma contest conducted by Bharti TeleVentures that provides the broadband fixed telephone and cell phone services for Airtel won the 50000colour RmKv silk sari on Friday.