alone meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
alone meaning in tamil is தனி, தனியாக

alone meaning in tamil with example

alone tamil meaning and more example for alone will be given in tamil.
It also asked the Government to take steps to increase the taxGDP ratio which alone could generate resources for rural development and social sector spending. Nair the Board has been paying Rs.1 crore a year as water tariff alone to the Kerala Water Authority for supplying water to Sabarimala. With genetic modification in one generation alone a plant can be created that is the same in all respects except for the addition of the required trait. Humanism alone would unite all for which patriotism should be injected in the blood of every child he said. Shrink in subscribe base Chennai Telephones alone had seen its landline subscriber base shrink by 1.50 lakh in the last couple of years forcing it to offer packages bundling basic telephone mobile and broadband. Chandrasekaran said in his address that gaining marks alone is the criterion for proving the worth of a student. Prakash Selvarajan Bangalore The perpetrators of the crime should be severely punished but that alone is not enough. Out of this the temple hundi alone netted Rs.1.50 crores and the rest of the Rs.12 lakhs was derived by way of sale of the muchsoughtafter laddu prasadam. France clearly has no respect for international laws it purports to support let alone the environment or the welfare of workers on the shipbreaking yards who would be exposed to the toxic wastes on board this ship he said. The local market for chips alone is currently worth 800 million and is expected to reach 35 billion by 2016. Let alone discovering new talent they were not able to recognise even some of the existing classics such as the Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipauls In a Free State when these were submitted to them disguised as new works by aspiring writers.