akin meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
akin meaning in tamil is இரத்த சம்பந்தமுள்ள, சொந்தமான, ஒத்த

akin meaning in tamil with example

akin tamil meaning and more example for akin will be given in tamil.
For those who missed out on the excellent concert the face of the three cops must have been akin to those who had in a Meerut park this past month shown the darker side of the khaki uniform. For purposes of this Ordinance capital redemption business and annuity and certain businesses which are akin to it are deemed to be life insurance business. Cuba along with Syria North Korea and Iran was on Americas menu of aggression as evidenced by U.S. claims that it was manufacturing weapons of mass extermination akin to claims about Iraqi WMDs. Asserting that the enactment of the Bill will create terrorising situations akin to the infamous Emergency of the mid1970s they said it was a mystery that the mainstream political parties had not yet made their stand known on the issue. Their birthdays are four days apart and they won their seventh Grand Slam titles at the same age.With a boisterous atmosphere more akin to a World Cup soccer final a buzz permeated Rod Laver Arena well before the match started Could Baghdatis really knock off the man dominating the mens tour. It is almost akin to the State Government adopting the members and their families the Backward Classes Welfare Minister S.M. Velusamy said here on Saturday. He will be a state guest in Pakistan and not visiting Jinnahs mazhar would be akin to a guest in India refusing to visit the Gandhi samadhi party spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said. NSUIs Mysore unit president Chetan said the marriage of the two donkeys was akin to the unholy alliance between the JDS and the BJP.