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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
agreement meaning in tamil is உடன்பாடு

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The agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area SAFTA comes into effect from January 1 ushering in an era of free trade in goods among the seven SAARC membercountries. As per the agreement terms India Pakistan and Sri Lanka have to scale down their customs duties to the level of 05 per cent by 2013. As per the agreement provisions the trade liberalisation programme would not be applicable to the tariff lines included in the sensitive list of items. Accordingly India which ratified the agreement at its Cabinet meeting on December 29 has finalised two separate lists for the purpose. Agreement He said the Government has entered into an agreement with the National Service Scheme for carrying out a cleanliness programme in villages to mark the golden jubilee year of the reorganisation of the State. To penetrate deeper into rural areas the LIC has entered into an agreement with the Pandian Grama Bank to sell its products. N. The IndoU.S. agreement signed during the Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs visit last year to Washington will be enabling the UPA Government to have access to high technology in the nuclear and even defence sectors. This landmark agreement will help execute nuclear power projects for civilian use besides leading to closer cooperation in the military and other important sectors. Of particular significance are bilateral efforts to identify joint ventures for the development of the eastern Sri Lankan port city of Trincomalee and its surrounding region and the agreement for a joint venture power plant in the same district.