aging meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aging meaning in tamil is முதிர்வடைதல்

aging meaning in tamil with example

aging tamil meaning and more example for aging will be given in tamil.
The lengthening life expectancy for instance has resulted in the aging of population which tends to inflate the volume of social security payments and healthcare expenditure. It is predicted that by 2020 heart disease will be the number one killer world over and the absolute numbers will increase due to aging of the population the increase in occurrence of obesity diabetes and other risk factors among the younger generation. Karnataka despite its many aging stars had run the Indian campers close in a recent friendly in Bangalore. Senior party leaders in Delhi deny having received any request from the aging leader to be relieved of the post. Solomonov who designed Russias newest landbased TopolM and seabased Bulava missiles said these two would constitute the core of the modernised strategic nuclear forces replacing aging Sovietbuilt RS12M RS18 and RS20 missiles. Worried by the shortage and aging population of organists churches are beginning to snap up the machine which costs 1900 about Rs. 1.5 lakh. So most people may not even recognise it as a problem to be dealt with and take it as part of the aging process says Radha Murthy president of the Alzheimers and Related Disorders Society of India Karnataka Chapter. And how ironic for like an aging art restorer he has returned to the Cup its beauty a feat beyond the imaginations of his youthful peers. While it will help in nation building it will also reduce the Governments burden to provide for the aging population. An aging team had progressed much further in the tournament than even most of its supporters would have thought possible.