aghast meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aghast meaning in tamil is பயந்து போன, பேராச்சரியமடைந்த, திகிலடைந்த

aghast meaning in tamil with example

aghast tamil meaning and more example for aghast will be given in tamil.
Road users who have been complaining of poor repair works done on roads that were dug up for laying sewage lines are now aghast at the way that the manholes are being constructed. I went to Visakha Utsav at R.K. Beach and was aghast to see a dance performance on Hindi film song Dhoom Machade Dhoom followed by a Telugu number. The top military brass is understandably aghast at the committees query seeking details on the number of Muslims in the armed forces their rank etc. Krishna Reddy went on a surprise visit along with an entourage of officials and the media on December 30 he appeared to be aghast at the overflowing garbage bin next to the transformer near the Bhavans school in Ramkote. They were aghast to see Ramesh who had collapsed and was gasping for breath on breaking the door open the police said. The corporator who was waiting for quite some time was aghast at this and wanted to meet the Collector immediately. The real manufacturers are aghast because fake products which do not last long or breakdown frequently may raise serious doubts among consumers who think they have purchased the original. Television crews have been despatched to find voices of merit that are aghast at the very idea that institutes of management presumed bastion of merit and competition are now sought to be pried open to admit children of the lesser gods. The employee was aghast when he was informed by a traffic policeman about his involvement in the accident case last year. Several apolitical organisations and neutral observers have been aghast at the spate of freebies on offer from the major political parties in their attempt to lure voters.