aggressor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aggressor meaning in tamil is போர் தோடுப்போன்

aggressor meaning in tamil with example

aggressor tamil meaning and more example for aggressor will be given in tamil.
After a slow start Jai Durga became the aggressor in the second and third round and landed some neat kicks on her rival. The victim is totally disregarded and it is the aggressor that the newspapers talk about he states. The aggressor hopes to reach the Litani river line about 30 kilometres within Lebanese territory before the morning of August 14. The Indian captain renowned for his perfect defence donned the aggressor role during the nets session of the cricket skills camp at the Chinnaswamy Stadium here. Singh turned his guns on the Left parties accusing them of refusing to acknowledge that China was the aggressor country in 1962 and not making their stand on Arunachal Pradesh clear.