aggressive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aggressive meaning in tamil is ஆளுமை உணர்வு

aggressive meaning in tamil with example

aggressive tamil meaning and more example for aggressive will be given in tamil.
Coming close on the heels of the lifetime validity voucher this aggressive plan will further increase the options for our subscribers. The plan will be applicable on eRecharge of Rs 1100 inclusive of service tax. Those who support the Tamil should think of the consequences if ever the group with its aggressive agenda and contempt for dissent comes to power in Sri Lankas Tamil provinces. The ChhattisgarhPunjab tie was the best of the lot with the gritty girls from Central India were aggressive right from the very start to rattle the calculations of Punjab. Clearly the more aggressive of the two Prakashs net points proved more lucrative in the second set. I will continue with this aggressive style with him too that is what works for me said Prakash on the next big match. There are those who articulate Hindutva purely in terms of a certain cultural primacy of what they perceive to be a timeless unbroken tradition of Hindu culture and civilisation while others propose a more aggressive and threatening version of this ideology. It could deal a death blow to the longrunning but currently deadlocked negotiations and may reflect the more aggressive and confrontational positions taken on foreign policy and the nuclear issue by Irans new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is said to have emerged the highest and successful bidder for Hyderabad radio in the aggressive bidding for second phase of the licensing process for private FM radio channels initiated by the Government inviting bids for 64 radio stations in 13 big cities according to reports from Delhi.