aggravates meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aggravates meaning in tamil is மிகைப்படுத்தல் மோசமாக்குதல்

aggravates meaning in tamil with example

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The first infirmity not only necessarily produces a less efficacious governing arrangement but also aggravates elite conflicts played out by the middle classes. Whenever examinations are not held properly there should be public outcry against it as apathy in such serious matters only aggravates the malady. Pointing out that the World Bank allocates large sums to fight HIVAIDS but the money is available only if the borrowing countries agree to adhere to International Monetary Fund loan conditions the report says this stipulation only aggravates the conditions which create vulnerability. Smoking aggravates it and precipitates onset of asthma Murali Mohan chief Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine Vikram Hospital said. How can I interfere In a lighter vein he recommends that the practice of thumping the desks in the Assembly be stopped as it only angers rival parties and aggravates the situation. Absence of streetlights in the area aggravates the problem depriving others particularly twowheelers of visibility. It terminates abruptly about 2 km before the swamp and this aggravates the problem a visit to the area shows. What further aggravates the problem is location of litterbins which is mostly in the busy residential localities. It is the inhalation of chemicals from coils and liquidators that causes respiratory tract infections headaches and aggravates asthma he said. One alternative of arbitration to reduce the accumulation of case laws has proved to be a remedy that aggravates the malady because of the dreadful delays heavy financial investment unsatisfactory performance and judicial indiscipline.