agent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
agent meaning in tamil is முகவர்

agent meaning in tamil with example

agent tamil meaning and more example for agent will be given in tamil.
If the cost of cultivation is taken into account the farmers end up making a loss said a commission agent at the old RMC yard. Only one literary agent showed some interest and wanted to see more chapters before making up her mind. As the TNCSC was acting as an agent for Food Corporation of India FCI only FCI has to take a decision about it. Six food courts to be set up A 200strong catering army lined by a leading food agent and 600strong serving and cleaning staff will be on the job. The BCIC has sought suitable changes in the Income Tax Act to treat the Indian Business Process Outsourcing BPO companies as independent service provider and not as an agent of foreign principal company for the assessment of tax liability. Asbestos a wellknown cancercausing agent is banned in France which contends that the ship has been decontaminated to the maximum levels possible. Let us take an example of Thomas Inc of the U.S. which is a commission agent procuring orders in the U.S. for Ganesh Co Chennai. The Nizam of Hyderabad who was an agent of the British arrested him and tried him for trying to bring about insurrection against the empire. In a statement issued from Peshawar capital of the North West Frontier Province NWFP Bajaur Agency Political Agent Mohammad Fahim Wazir on Tuesday confirmed that some foreign terrorists were present there. Observers here are intrigued why the Political Agent has chosen to go public with the preliminary investigation into the incident which has caused a storm in the country.