ageless meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ageless meaning in tamil is ஒரு போதும் முதுமையடையாத

ageless meaning in tamil with example

ageless tamil meaning and more example for ageless will be given in tamil.
Giving Dev Anands ageless hero some company is A.K. Hangal waving his red flag mouthing Communist slogans. These ageless beauties were eye catchers at the National Consumer Fair NCF which got under way at the Railway Grounds G Corner in Tiruchi on Thursday. Venkatesh Kumar of Dharwad who recited the last piece of the day mesmerised the audience with his soulful Ondu Baari Smarane Saalade. Finally at Ravindra Kalakshetra an ageless Shobhanas Bharatanatya performance had the crowds turn out in droves. Actors like Prem Nazir Madhu and Satyan are ageless as the characters they portrayed on the silver screen live in the hearts of people even today Forest Minister Benoy Viswom has said. The importance of information has of course been acknowledged over many millennia but the ideas of IT technology and software are quintessential contributions of contemporary modernity 151 not something with any ageless recognition. However overarching all of these developments is the theory of Varadhan a structure of ageless beauty to quote from the citation of the Norwegian Academy.