aged meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aged meaning in tamil is முதியோர், வயதான, முதுமையான

aged meaning in tamil with example

aged tamil meaning and more example for aged will be given in tamil.
Vajpayee appears even more unbecoming in the context of the claim made by another aged and declining leader to be the partys prime ministerial face in 2009. The couple suffering from irrevocable loss along with 16 child survivors of tsunami aged between three and 14 years adopted by them came to Dindigul on Sunday to address a meeting Humanism 2006 organised by the Rotary Club of Dindigul West on the New Year day with an aim of building confidence. An unidentified woman aged around 30 was found murdered at an eucalyptus grove in Vidyaranyapura police station limits on Sunday afternoon. An unidentified woman aged around 30 years was found murdered at a eucalyptus grove in Vidyaranyapura police station limits on Sunday afternoon. The UNEP competition was open to children and young people from developing countries aged between five and 16 years. During our July transmission we filmed Atim aged nine months tossing feverishly on a table in the rudimentary village clinic. Man killed in accident A man aged between 35 and 40 was killed on the spot after he fell from the lorry in which he was travelling near Goudur village in Lingsugur taluk on Wednesday. Cablecar On the Governments plan to provide cablecar service at Sharavanabelagola to help the aged and disabled persons to the reach the venue of the Mahamastakabhisheka Mr. Aggarwal said personal risk of having a cardiovascular problem is raised by as much as 45 per cent in middle aged people whose brother or sister has had such an event.