afterwards meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
afterwards meaning in tamil is பின்னே, பிறகு

afterwards meaning in tamil with example

afterwards tamil meaning and more example for afterwards will be given in tamil.
The murder took place 100 metres from the railway station and afterwards the accused fled in the jeep to the railway station the police said. Soundararajan contended that he had filed the returns up to 2000 and did not do so afterwards as the income was nil. However they did not know that the piece that broke off had got lodged in the childs throat because chest Xrays taken immediately afterwards did not show anything amiss. If the accused is acquitted all is forgotten though the press will ever afterwards describe him as scarred. The medieval mob was itself a reincarnation of the Greek Furies. Time and behaviour have proved me right with this approach. The strong difference in hormone levels between the two groups was maintained from just before the beginning of video watching throughout the viewing and afterwards too. Shortly afterwards she heard the call for work in New Orleans and like migrant workers anywhere she responded with a journey. He said afterwards that he was glad that his car had shown how safe modern Formula One cars now were. Attack on Prodi Afterwards he returned to attacking Romano Prodi whose CentreLeft camp narrowly won the election two weeks ago and whose victory has been upheld by two Italian courts. Relations between Libya and the U.S. deteriorated sharply afterwards and Ronald Reagan then U.S. President ordered the bombing of Tripoli. Shortly afterwards the combination of Monika and Savitha set themselves up nicely but this time Orissas Suniti Kispotta thwarted the attempt.