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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
afresh meaning in tamil is மறுபடி, புதிதாக

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He said in a press release on Monday that along with the applicants who had already applied unemployed youth who wish to apply afresh could also approach the following offices with original certificates and application form. We have read in newspapers that the GVMC has decided to lay the roads by blacktopping them afresh spending nearly Rs. When the Senate was revived after the October 2002 general election the provincial assemblies had to elect the members afresh on the understanding that 50 per cent of them would retire at the end of three years. Frame charges afresh The High Court on Tuesday directed a lower court to frame charges afresh against Bharathi Urs daughter of former Chief Minister Late Devraj Urs in connection with the murder of Chitralekha Urs. Marys road sidewalks have taken a beating and these will be restored or built afresh wherever necessary for pedestrians. Along with those who want to join afresh the everincreasing mobile users club a chunk of postpaid users are thinking of jumping to prepaid bandwagon. The GETE has recommended There is no need to take up the technical evaluation afresh nor to scrap the whole tender process and invite fresh bids. It was decided that all such posts should be blocked and counselling should be conducted afresh for such teachers so they could choose from 700 vacancies available in the district. They were protesting against governments decision to appoint computer teachers afresh on contract basis to the schools. Court directive Countering this K.S. Dinakaran counsel for Jayendra Saraswathi sought a de novo trial that is to start the proceedings afresh in this court.