afraid meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
afraid meaning in tamil is பயம்

afraid meaning in tamil with example

afraid tamil meaning and more example for afraid will be given in tamil.
Rathinam head of a 600member selfhelp group says women are afraid to venture out after 6 p.m. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has offered to take up electrification work provided the panchayat bears the cost of installing lampposts residents say. U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli described it as another step down the wrong path for Cambodia adding There is not much left to a real democracy. He said the Government was afraid of free speech. In the end Im afraid we just werent quite enthusiastic enough to be able to offer to take things further she replied. Now if he comes here and we do nothing about the peace process I am afraid we are just wasting our time the General said bluntly. I lived the dictatorship and have very bad memories of Pinochet I am afraid of the rightwing parties said Ricardo Yanez 46 a school teacher. Emphasising the need to accord top priority to the menace he said that while pedestrians were constantly afraid of being bitten by the stray dogs monkeys have become ubiquitous as a result of which the chances of diseases spreading have increased considerably. The sages performed penance there and Indra became afraid of Bhrigus intense meditation and sent a heavenly maiden to disturb his concentration. They were afraid that it would be unsafe after dark and they would be attacked by other Somalis said Mr. Defamation notice Referring to the defamation notices served on him by the Government on an allegation he had made Mr.Raghavulu said that he was not afraid of the notice.