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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
affluent meaning in tamil is வசதிபடைத்தவர்

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The Left parties have maintained that the Manmohan Singh Government has not levied taxes on the affluent sections and instead offered them tax breaks in successive budgets. The complaint of the protesters is that while the affluent residing in pucca houses are benefited daily wage earners living in ramshackle dwellings are neglected. The author has suggested the creamy layer formula but that does not seem practical since there is no clearcut mechanism to pick out the affluent among the minorities. In their note the Left parties said while resource mobilisation in any economy entailed taxing the rich successive governments at the Centre in the past 15 years had not only abdicated this responsibility but also handed out a largess to the affluent sections through all kinds of tax cuts. Information on the vibrant and dynamic city of Dubai famed for its Arabian hospitality duty free shopping affluent hotels and trendy discotheques was also disseminated at the road shows. The Government had collected Rs. 7.20 crores from affluent temples and granted the same to temples where the revenue was very low. The private power distribution company BSESs enforcement team claims to have detected as many as 17 cases of dishonest abstraction of energy by affluent people living in the posh Neelkanth Apartments in the IP Extension area of East Delhi. Following the raids which began on Friday and continued up to Monday BSES said it stumbled upon cases of power theft by many from the affluent class who not only break the seals of their electronic meters but also install foreign elements to slow them.